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Bloom Money




Art Direction

Bloom Money is a Financial Technology company based in London, dedicated to fostering financial inclusion and literacy among immigrant and refugee communities. Bloom provides the tools to cultivate financial resilience within one's community in a safe and ethical manner, making it simpler to nurture communal wealth.

Bijlee Studios meticulously designed the entire brand experience, introducing botanical shapes, and bold colors that reflect the energy of anticipated financial growth. A balancing Serif typeface and an inclusive illustration style that represents the diverse communities being addressed to brings it all together.

women in leadershipsmall size big impactsustainable practices
A group of people standing next to each other.

Bijlee Studios immediately understood the essence and soul of what we sought in our brand, balancing professionalism with playful whimsy to create an approachable B2C brand.

Nina Mohanty, Founder & CEO
A tablet with a picture of a woman holding a child.