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Amazon Care

Amazon Care



Art Direction

Campaign Design

App + Website

Amazon Care, an innovative initiative by Amazon aims to make accessing healthcare easier for all. Relying on the robust delivery and technology systems built by Amazon. The company brings the same expertise into healthcare.

Bijlee studios worked on building the website experience, launch campaigns, branding and illustration style. The approach was to focus on the human experience not the tech experience. Introducing a soft friendly illustration style named 'Humanity', and a color palette that reflects premium and high quality service. The brand experience was built to be cohesive across each touchpoint.

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A billboard on the side of a building in a city.
A purple background with the words care on it.
A woman holding a dog and a man standing next to her.A purple presentation board with people on it.

Amazon Care is a hassle-free way to see a caring, dedicated, licensed doctor or nurse. You can connect via chat or video right away, make an appointment or schedule an in-person visit

Stickers with Amazon Care log and one of them has a picture of a man and a child on it.